COVID-19 Pandemic Information

The Pandemic Response Committee (PRC) has developed policies that will keep Wabaseemoong Independent Nations and its Members safe and healthy. PRC members include:

  • Health Director
  • Chief & Council
  • Nursing Station
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Treaty 3 Police
  • Educational Director
  • WIN social services managers

WIN pandemic regulations become progressively stricter as our situation evolves. For example, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, WIN Members were reminded to wash their hands and clean surfaces. As the virus makes its way closer to us, first Canada, then Ontario, and now Kenora, we must be more vigilant and careful to keep it from entering Wabaseemoong.

These rules can be frustrating, but they are important. Thank you for your commitment to the health of our community.

WIN Pandemic Protocols in effect as of April 20, 2020:

  • Only permanent on-reserve WIN members and essential personnel (community nurses, Treaty 3 police, OPP, water/cargo/grocery delivery, etc) may enter Wabaseemoong during this partial lockdown.
  • Only one trip per week per household for groceries & medication. Wear gloves & mask and wash them immediately upon returning.
  • Security check stop is now located at the reserve line.
  • Non-essential travel beyond WIN is not allowed without prior approval from Chief & Council or Nursing Station. Ongoing treatments or appointments are still allowed at this time.
  • If you must visit the Health Centre or Nursing Station call before you visit, so they can prepare for your arrival.
  • Self-isolate immediately if you feel sick (headache, fever, cough, shortness of breath), and call (807) 407-8791.


  • Limit social interaction to 5 people or less
  • Stay 6 feet (2 metres) away from others
  • Do not touch your face
  • Wash hands often
  • Clean surfaces often
  • Stay at home if you’re sick

Please check the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations Facebook page everyday to ensure your family is following updated rules to keep our community safe.

If you need:

  • Medical or mental health support;
  • Groceries/cleaning supplies;
  • Help with essential services (water, wood, etc);

Call (807) 407-8791.

COVID-19 Pandemic Planning for the Future

If COVID-19 is found within our community, the WIN Pandemic Response Committee will implement further actions to protect Members. This may include:

  • Hand washing stations at common community areas
  • Limit of groups of 2 outside your home
  • Symptom screening check-point
  • Welfare & paycheques delivery
  • Water/wood/oil delivery
  • Receive grocery shipments into community
  • Complete travel ban out of & into community
  • Recruitment of young people to assist WIN & Members
  • Cross-training Members to perform essential services as required
  • Closure of community facilities
  • Self-isolation of children in care with CFS workers
  • Community curfew
  • Check-ins & outreach from mental health workers
  • Cancellation of medical care, physician visits, lab work, etc.
  • Community census to determine emergency relief funding
  • Member quarantine and/or self-isolation by directive of Health Director
  • Medical evacuation to LOTWH by directive of Health Director
  • Full community lockdown
  • Wabaseemoong Independent Nations state of emergency

These actions, and those not listed here, are considered worst-case scenario procedures. They will be implemented only after further discussion by WIN Pandemic Response Committee, with recommendations from Indigenous Services Canada.

Please do not panic. Wabaseemoong Independent Nation is built on strength and resilience, and these traits will see our Members and community through this pandemic.