Wabaseemoong Independent Nations Declaration of Emergency to Protect Band Members and Community

Actions to Contain Spread of COVID-19

From the office of the Chief, Whitedog Ontario Whitedog – Today, the Chief and Council announced that it is taking decisive action by making an order declaring an emergency
under the powers of Chief and Council. In doing so, Wabaseemoong is using every power possible to continue to protect the health and safety of all individuals and families in Wabaseemoong.

“We are taking the health and safety of our Band Members very seriously” Chief Waylon Scott. “Our community has been monitoring the developments and actions being taken by both levels of governments. COVID-19 poses extreme dangers to Indigenous communities. We are making this declaration to ensure our community receives the necessary support in the event it reaches
Indigenous communities like Wabaseemoong.” Chief Waylon Scott.

As a result of this declaration the Band operated services are required to close immediately:

  • All facilities providing indoor recreational programs;
  • All public events
  • Child care centres
  • Community School

These orders and declaration will remain in effect until April 6, 2020 at which time it will be reassessed and determine if the
period will be extended.

Wabaseemoong Independent Nations Government is acting in response of extraordinary measures being deemed necessary by
the Provinces, Municipalities and other Indigenous communities. Essential services like emergency health care response, water
treatment, Policing, child and family services and youth mental health crisis on-call will still continue. Band Administration will
also be closed, Directors and Managers will be required to prepare service continuity plans to allow staff to work from home and
adhere to public health advisories to stay home and social distancing. Band members are urged to stay informed on updates by
visiting www.wabaseemoongnations.ca

Quick Facts

  • Wabaseemoong is located 120 kms northwest of Kenora Ontario. It has a on-reserve population of 900 residents
  • Wabaseemoong is currently on a boil water advisory

Media Contacts

Office of the Chief
Wabaseemoong Independent Nations
Chief Waylon Scott

For information about COVID-19 contact (807) 407-8791.