In efforts to reduce the potential spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus and influenza, as of March 18, 2020 access into the community
will be limited to community members only. Community members are advised to limit travel and ensure social distancing strategies
are used. Visitors will need to check in with the office and be screened properly by our Nurses.


Effective March 19, 2020 the mobile crisis team will check on the elders to make sure they’ve eaten, taken their medication and
making sure their medication is stocked up.


Nurses are now in the community. Nursing is also here for emergency care. It has also been requested that anyone needing to
speak with a nurse please call first so they can be screened before they show up to ensure the most effective plan for individual
care/treatment. The nurses will not turn anyone away, however they will need to control the building and waiting room area to
limit spread of potential infection.


Medical drivers are also being equipped with proper equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of those they transport.
Sanitizing and wiping the van seats and doors will routinely done.

Please also confirm any of your medical appointments ahead of time, pre-screening may be required or patients may be
prioritized as per hospital regulations.


For More information or if you have questions, please contact (807) 407-4633 (Interim contact). Chief and Council are working to
ensure communication is organized for band members to know what the plan is and the contacts available.

We have direct access to Health Canada/FNIHB and Indigenous Services Canada, so we’re constantly getting updates and
relevant information and will continually passed it on to members. Please stay tuned to Facebook @WabaseemoongNations,
and this website, or watch for communiques door-to-door.

For information about COVID-19 contact (807) 407-8791.