From the Office of the Chief
TO: Residents of Wabaseemoong Independent Nations

Firstly, we would like to commend all the residents for their cooperation during these difficult times, as we see the wave of this pandemic move through North America. In Wabaseemoong, we have been implementing community preparedness plans for the past two weeks. You may have seen updates and posts on our Wabaseemoong COVID-19 information Facebook page and our webpage.

Wabaseemoong declared a state of emergency on March 18, 2020 and have been in daily contact with Government agencies to ensure we are provided with proper resources.

We have imposed restrictions from non-residents entering the community, this is to keep the community safe. The checkpoint crew has been doing a great job and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

The Chief and Council designated the Child and Youth Center as a centralized call-center during this time, the well-being check crew are stationed there and have been answering calls. You may have met this crew; they have been going door-to-door delivering communication packages. Recently, they collected information to help the leadership in their planning. We asked for number of occupants in each home to have real-time accurate numbers in the event food hampers have to be delivered to you. We collected phone numbers, in the event this crew can no longer go door to door, they will have a way to call you and check on you. This will also help this crew get essential services to you.

We have also extended emergency relief to our band members that do not live in the community. Information on this process is posted on the Whitedog Bulletin board. We thank the finance team that worked very hard to get this process expedited quickly. The next two weeks will be critical, we need to continue to stay home and follow social distancing. Chief and Council are doing everything we can to make sure we are prepared and keeping the community safe. Things will change day to day in planning. We are working with our service partners in expanding the planning to more pandemic preparedness like preparing isolation sites in the community.

On behalf of Chief and Council, thank you Wabaseemoong residents for your cooperation and patience during this difficult time. Band office will continue to be closed beyond April 6, 2020. We will update you weekly.

Continue to keep our community and members in your prayers.