Deadline August 13, 2020


Wabaseemoong Independent Nations’ Band Representative program is called Nigonigawbow, which means “the person that stands ahead”. Nigonigawbow SECRETARIAT is an independent voice for Wabaseemoong members involved in the child welfare system. Our staff work closely with community-based and off-reserve child welfare agencies to help aid family reunification and improve the lives of children in care. We take our direction from our community’s leadership. In everything that we do we maintain our independence as advocates for our children, youth, and families who are involved at risk of becoming involved with the child welfare system. Our work is guided by the following principles: family-focused, culturally-safe, community-based, accessible, least-intrusive, and accountable. The Secretariat is recruiting for (4) four Family services workers.


The Family services worker(s) shall, based on need provide, varying levels of community services to the community, children and families. Outcomes of service provision will ensure the well-being of children, reduce incidences of abuse and neglect, support and strengthen family units, and reduce the number of children requiring alternative placements or admission to care by increasing family and community
awareness, establishing community education programs, developing partnerships and coordinating services with community service
providers and other local resources.


  • The Family centered services worker reports to the Director of Service for the Nigonigawbow Secretariat in all aspects of job functions and will exercise the following duties
  • Services are community-based services designed to ensure the best interest of the children by reducing high risk behaviours in individuals, families and communities. Workers will provide holistic services that may include traditional and contemporary approaches.
  • The well being of the community, children and families are interrelated and thus supports the need to network, work together and commit to and promote healthy balanced lifestyles (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical).
  • empower families to create strong links to the helping resources within their own communities, and ensure that all children grow up safe and with a positive sense of their heritage and cultural identity.
  • Develop partnerships and protocols internally and externally to support children.


  • Ensures the provision of relevant, competent service to all (on/off) member First Nation children and their families who either request or
    are determined to require services from the point of referral to case closure;


  • Community College Diploma with a minimum one year experience in the management of services for children and their families or a comparable human service program. However, others with a combination of skills, education and experience that would allow them to do the job may be considered;
  • Knowledge of the Child and Family Services Act and Regulations, particularly in the application of Part relating to Customary Care of the First Nations;
  • Expert knowledge of Customary Care and the philosophy of service development and delivery; the communities and family structure, as well as local customs and traditions;
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare comprehensive narrative and statistical reports regarding service delivery and procedures;
  • Experience in designing and conducting, planning and training workshops;
  • Ability to establish and maintain purposeful relationships with clients, colleagues, other relevant organizations and management;
  • Knowledge in use of EMHware Wabaseemoong’s case management system
  • Strong commitment to helping Wabaseemoong children and their families by providing services in ways that respect cultural and traditional practices;
  • Commitment to providing services in the context of extended family and community involvement;
  • Excellent planning, organization, problem-solving, and interpersonal;
  • Ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Working knowledge of conflict resolution techniques;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality;
  • Ability to take direction and to work within the policies, procedures, and guidelines, mission, philosophy, and core values of the Wabaseemoong Independent Nation;
  • Ability to flex daily work hours as determined by the Director of Service;
  • Must possess a valid Ontario G Driver’s Licence and be willing to travel;
  • Must provide a clear Vulnerable Sector Check and Driver’s Abstract; and
  • Ability to speak Ojibwe is preferred

Send resumes and 3 work related references to:
Betsy Mandamin, Executive Director
Nigonigawbow Secretariat – A division of Wabaseemoong Independent Nations