All pets MUST be:

  • Penned, fenced, leashed
  • Spayed or neutered
  • Immunized
  • Kept at home if in heat or sick
  • Quarantined if suspected to have rabies or disease
  • Only allowed to live with 2 dogs and 2 other pets per household
  • Registered with Pet Control Officer by April 1 every year, or 60 days after birth
  • Have owners notify Control Officer of pet’s death or transfer of ownership
  • All dogs need to be tied up on Tuesday and Thursdays for water delivery.

Did You Know?

  • Breeding, boarding and kenneling of more than 3 dogs is not allowed without a license
  • Vicious pets always must be muzzled and leashed with signs on owner’s property
  • May be put down if attacking a person or another pet.

Pet Control Officer may:

  • Instruct owners to post “dangerous pet” signs, create more secure lodgings, & tie up their pet
  • Impound any pet without current tags
  • Investigate all complaints
  • Enter premises without warrant in suspected cases of abuse
  • Record the history of each impounded pet
  • Deny registration of a pet due to previous violations, past abuse or neglect, or unpaid fees
  • Have a pet euthanized without delay upon advice of a veterinarian.

Pet owners may be FINED FOR UP TO $1,000 and can be collected by Wabaseemoong Independent Nations by garnishing wages, salary, contract, debt. If fines are not acknowledged within 90 days, or paid within 6 months, the pet may be impounded.

No owner or family member may seek compensation if they have lost their pet due to the Dog/Pet Animal Control By-Law.

For more information contact:
Lance Sandy By-Law Justice Manager
Mino Kwaykaatiziwin Justice Services
Wabaseemoong Independent Nations
Phone: (807) 927-2000 Ext. 232

This is a summary. Read the entire by-law, including appeal process here.